A family restaurant in the best location. The owners are former Icelandic Culinary Team chefs and authors of best-selling recipe books. Visit

Bárustíg 11
Tel: +354 481 3060




If you want to experience Vestmannaeyjar with your mouth then Slippurinn is your optimal (and fanciest) choice. The restaurant is located in the oldest concrete building in town and uses locally sourced and foraged ingredients. Visit

Strandvegur 76
Tel: +354 481 1515



Einsi Kaldi

Let none other than Einsi Kaldi himself serve you up some flapping fresh fish straight from some tub in the harbor. Einsi is also in the business of cooking cliff- and seabirds and uses local island herbs in his cuisine. It doesn’t get more authentic than this. Visit

Vestmannabraut 28
Tel: +354 481 1415

Visit the Facebook page


Pizza and beer is a combo that has never failed in the history of mankind. The fact that the pizza is wood fired and the beer is ice cold is even better. Visit the Facebook page.

Bárustíg 1
Tel: +354 551 0055



The Brothers Brewery

Of course there’s a brewery in Vestmannaeyjar. Whether you’re interested in beer drinking or drinking in general, The Brothers Brewery hits the spot. Visit

Vesturvegur 5
Tel: +354 659 7500

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A honest-to-goodness Asian restaurant where we get our serving of deep-fried shrimp and sweet-and-sour sauce. Visit the Facebook page.

Strandvegi 49
Tel: +354 481 1930




Real hamburgers, sandwiches and pitas, but also—and this is awesome—Hlölli subs, a Icelandic fast-food classic. One can indulge at Kráin. Visit

Bárustíg 1
Tel: +354 481 3939

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Pizza 67

Don’t you miss Pizza 67? Well then, get yourself to Pizza 67 in Vestmannaeyjar. Visit the Facebook page.

Heiðarvegur 5
Tel: +354 481 1567

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Nourish your body and soul by the harbor. The view is amazing and so is the food. Opt for a spot outside for a front-row seat to harbor life. Visit the Facebook page.

Básaskersbryggju 8
Tel: +354 414 4420

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Vigtin bakhús

The wonders of pastry served in an old weigh house. The building itself is like a sugar-sweet carbohydrate bomb for the eyes, so anyone on a keto diet needs to be careful. Visit the Facebook page.

Strandvegur 30
Tel: +354 481 1104

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Tvisturinn has served the islanders hot dogs with all the trimmings and candy for pocket change since 1988. There’s also ice cream and all kinds goodies on offer. This is the kind of authentic Icelandic corner store that we all love. Visit the Facebook page.

Faxastígur 36
Tel: +354 481 3141




Are you craving something juicy and delicious, drenched in some kind of sauce? Then the only solution is to head to Éta (“Eat”) to get yourself something to eat. We’re talking honest-to-goodness, high-quality fast food that is especially good the day after a visit to the brewery, for example. Visit

Strandvegur 79 Tel: +354 481 1520