Eyja Tours

Extremely fun guided tours with friendly island locals who’ll get you right on track. Want a selfie with a puffin? Yes, no problem, the Puffin Whisperer will make it happen. Probably the only guide company in the world that gets you this close to puffins. Visit

Tel: +354 852 6939



Rib Safari

Experience Vestmannaeyjar like a local. On a speed boat. The archipelago is best seen from the sea and from a boat that goes insanely fast. Seriously. But there are also other types of boat trips on offer—fortunately for those who do not want to go insanely fast. Visit

Básaskersbryggja 6
Tel: +354 661 1810


Viking Tours

Countless types of group tours. Squeeze every last drop out of Vestmannaeyjar: historically, culturally and anthropologically. Or just check out the nature and then head straight to the bar. Visit

Heiðarvegi 59

Tel: +354 896 3640


Boat Tours in Vestmannaeyjar

A boat tour in Vestmannaeyjar is an absolute must. Boat Tours in Vestmannaeyjar have all kinds of boats and tours on offer and can fulfil all your wildest boating dreams. Visit

Tel: +354 661 1810


Kayak & Puffins

It’s not a bad idea to have a relaxing paddle in a kayak amidst the beauty of Vestmannaeyjar. See a puffin on the cliff with a beak full of fish and listen to the sea drum a gentle rhythm on the side of the boat. True zen. Visit

Tel: +354 861 3090


Volcano ATV

Race around Vestmannaeyjar’s volcanic area with the wind in your hair (under your helmet), “Born to Be Wild” on repeat in your head, and an expert guide in your ears. Visit

Strandvegur 107
Tel: +354 830 0500


Rent a Bike

Rent a bike; ride around on it. It’s not complicated. Do you want to ride up a 400-ft. promontory or just take a tour of the town? Rent a bike and you’ll be your own tour guide. Visit

Tel: +354 626 3340



Lava walk

Travel back to the ’70s and experience the Heimaey eruption through the eyes of the islanders. Visit

Tel: +354 626 3340



Seabirds and Cliff

See the wildlife of Vestmannaeyjar from a distance that those with a fear of heights might describe as “uncomfortable.” We’re talking about abseiling and climbing—but also boat trips and much more. Visit

Illugagata 61
Tel: +354 893 2150


SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary

It’s ridiculous to come all the way to Vestmannaeyjar and not visit the long-awaited beluga whales. Come on. Visit

Ægisgata 2


Eldheimar Museum

Everything you could want to know about the Heimaey eruption (and possibly some things you don’t want to know) is cleverly presented at the Eldheimar volcano remembrance museum. Anyone interested in Iceland should visit at least once in their lifetime. Visit

Suðurvegur / Gerðisbraut 10
Tel: +354 488 2700


Sagnheimar Folk Museum

All your questions about Vestmannaeyjar are answered here. The Turkish Invasion, the eruption, fishermen, and what happened to the guitar I lost at Þjóðhátíð music festival in 1994? Visit

Safnahúsi Vestmannaeyja v/ Ráðhúströð
Tel: +354 488 2050



The game of gentlemen and gentlewomen. Also a great way to enjoy a moment amidst beautiful nature. The moment could also include bickering with your friends about the rules. Visit

Tel: +354 481 2363

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Sundlaug Vestmannaeyja

A trip to the pool is one of the most Icelandic traditions—even more Icelandic than talking about the weather. Make like a local and dive in. Visit the Facebook page.

V/ Brimhólalaut
Tel: +354 488 2400